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Raising money for Youth Angling Programs

Winnipeg's Media Community:

Over the years support from Winnipeg's media community has showcased Fish Winnipeg to residents and visitors to our city.

Through the various newspaper articles, to radio and television spots and interviews, our local media outlets have shown how such a partnership can work for the benefit of our youth. Fish Winnipeg has been profiled to show the tremendous fishery that is found right in the heart of the City.

National / International Friends:

In addition to the great support shown from our local media outlets, since its inception in 1998, our friends from other provinces and United States have continued to make the journey to participate in this annual event.

Below is a list of media companies that have supported Fish Winnipeg and showcased the event to the world!

BOB FM 99.9
CBC 990
City Pulse
City TV
CKJS 630
CJOB 680
FREQ 107
Global TV
Grand Forks Herald
HOT 103

Prarie Public
QX 104
Shaw Cable
The Independent
Winnipeg Free Press
Winnipeg Sun
Winnipeg Thunder Voice

Print Media

Winnipeg Free Press - June, 1998
Grand Forks Herald - June 1999
Winnipeg Sun - June 25,1999
Thunder Voice News - June, 2000
Winnipeg Free Press - June 21, 2001
The Herald - June 27, 2001
The Independent,London England - July 1, 2001
Winnipeg Free Press - September 5, 2002
Civic Pulse - October, 2002
Thunder Voice News - July, 2003
Grand Forks Herald - June 22, 2003
Winnipeg Foundation - Fall 2003
Winnipeg Free Press- June 16, 2004
Winnipeg Real Estate - June 18, 2004
Winnipeg Free Press- June 18, 2008
Winnipeg Free Press- June 21, 2008
Winnipeg Free Press- August 23, 2008
Winnipeg Free Press- June 20, 2009
Winnipeg Real Estate News - August 20, 2010
Winnipeg Free Press- August 21, 2010
Winnipeg Free Press- September 2, 2010
Winnipeg Free Press- August 6, 2012
Winnipeg Free Press- August 27, 2012


CBC News - August 31, 2006
City of Winnipeg - August 28, 2007
Winnipeg Free Press - June 17, 2008
CTV - August 17, 2010


CBC Radio - June 17, 2008


WDAZ TV - Fish Winnipeg
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Event Date: June 13th, 2014

This year's Fish Winnipeg Media / Corporate Challenge is scheduled for June 13th, 2014 downtown in the heart of the city! Event Information

Youth at-risk Angling Programs

Monies raised at the event are targeted at Youth at-risk Angling programs throughout the Winnipeg area. Youth Angling Programs

Corporate Support Makes the Difference

Corporate support from Winnipeg's business community makes this event and the angling programs possible. Corporate Support

Guides - Honour Roll

Fish Winnipeg volunteer guides generously donate time, equipment, and expertise for a day of incredible fishing! How to become a guide