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Raising money for Youth Angling Programs

Fish Winnipeg is all about providing our youth with a structured angling opportunity. For many of these children, this may be the first time they have ever had the chance to try their hand at fishing.

By providing this fishing opportunity, in some small way we are trying to give back to those less fortunate and hopefully help build self-esteem in these children. Everyone's efforts today will hopefully help change a child's life for the better. Positive activities and role models go along away in influencing behaviour, and the experiences they receive through these programs will benefit society as a whole.


Over the past 16 years, Fish Winnipeg has worked with the City of Winnipeg to offer daily fishing trips to children over the summer months (July and August).

Three groups go out each day and are picked up, and dropped off, at their local community centre. Each child that particpates in the program receives a new rod and reel combination. This way, they can continue fishing well after the program is completed.

To date, over 6,000 children have participated in the program and each year requests are made to expand the program because of the demand.

For those parents interested in registering their children for the program, please contact your local City of Winnipeg Community Centre for more information.


In addition to the kids "free" fishing van program, Fish Winnipeg also assists / supports one-week kids fishing camps throughout July and August.

These camps are designed to support those families with limited financial resources. Each camp runs for one-week where the children are picked up, and dropped off, at a specific community centre. During the week, they fish the mighty Red River, visit the Whiteshell Fish Hatchery, fish with a pro-guide on the river, and much, much more ...

For those parents interested in registering their children for the one-week camps, please contact your local City of Winnipeg Community Centre for details.

Fishing fun with new Friends

Sharing fun times with new friends and learning about fishing in the city puts smiles on children's faces.

Goldeye Fever

Catching their first goldeye teaches children about the different fish found in the river.

Fishin for Freshwater Drum

Whether its girls or boys, children who get a chance to fish learn quickly that they can do it just like everyone else.

Fishing the Mighty Red River

Children try fishing the Red River and land monster sized catfish. A thrill of a lifetime!

Visiting the Whiteshell Hatchery

During the week, children visit the Whiteshell Fish Hatchery and get an opportunity to fish at Lyons Lake.

Fishing with Pro Angler Todd Longley

Another exciting adventure is the chance to fish with Pro-Angler Todd Longley who puts them on channel catfish.

Touring the City from the Water

To end the week off in relaxation, children are given a tour of the city by water and then, fish off the poontoon boat in style.

For more information on these programs, please contact the City of Winnipeg at 986-5563 or visit their website at winnipeg.ca.

Event Date: June 13th, 2014

This year's Fish Winnipeg Media / Corporate Challenge is scheduled for June 13th, 2014 downtown in the heart of the city! Event Information

Youth at-risk Angling Programs

Monies raised at the event are targeted at Youth at-risk Angling programs throughout the Winnipeg area. Youth Angling Programs

Corporate Support Makes the Difference

Corporate support from Winnipeg's business community makes this event and the angling programs possible. Corporate Support

Guides - Honour Roll

Fish Winnipeg volunteer guides generously donate time, equipment, and expertise for a day of incredible fishing! How to become a guide